splendid sprit of the season

christmas time is here again. well almost here. as i drove around my side of town with the kids last night and noticed how many houses were already lit up for the holidays it started one of my soapbox tyrads.
!!!no decorating for christmas before thanksgiving!!!
and yes i realise i will get some criticism from some folks. namely jerusalem, who has been getting ready for the season since july!!! lol
any way…. what i was really going to talk about….

here in san antonio its really hard to get into the seasons. well the seasons of fall and winter to be exact. oh we have summer and spring down dont get me wrong on that. its just so warm here most of the time and the leaves dont really change color and usually we are still wearing shorts at thanksgiving that its hard to get into the spirit of the season.
but this year i am itching with an internal conflict. i want to decorate for christmas early. ahhhhhhg!
i do blame this partly on jerusalem =p lol
she instigated the cute little ornaments you see hanging above. i have been working on them since september, i think. but due to my procrastination, was in a mad rush at the beginning of the month to get all 50 of them finished in time to send them to her for our shoppe.
but i pulled out the top half of my pre lit christmas tree one morning and plugged it into the wall to get this shot of them. luke was excited. he thought we were doing the whole tree and has been trying to pull the rest out since that time.
they looked so magical. like what christmas is supposed to feel like.
mom and i also perused the christmas eisle at target and it so got me ready to decorate. and we are working on the kids christmas musical at church. this is really testing my reserve.
but its only a few more days till thanksgiving and the house is in no condition to start decorating for christmas. so while i feel an internal pull to throw my convictions to the wind the external part of me hasnt made a move. lol

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