passing it on

today phoebe is home sick. she’s had…. hmmm shall we say sporadic vomiting. she stayed home on monday too but went to school yesterday but threw up again last night. i think its a 24hr thing spread out over 3 days.
anyway this post isnt about passing on germs its about passing on something else more important. at least to me.
so we are stuck a home (even thought she hasnt thrown up again and has no fever i just dont feel right about sending her to school or letting her act like its a free day… your home sick you have to act in that manner so no going out) and watching all the crafting shows we both relish in.
haha take that luke… i have someone else to over rule you on your cartoons.
sorry back to the point. we were watching the craft shows and she turns to me and says “can i sew?”
at first, i had a skidish feeling remembering all to well the lessons on crochet i tried to give her which only ended in us both being frustrated. but then i figured why not. we decided that making a pillow would be an easy first assignment. and i pulled a blue bandana, with golden butterflies on it, i had bought at target for $1 out of a pile of laundry and said “lets start with this.”
i love making things out of bandanas… for one they are already hemmed and square for the most part.
phoebe was very dilidgent. there was the ocassional oops and we would have to pull out stitches. but she was very intent on her project.
and for a first attempt (and a 6 yr old) i think she did extremely well.
here she is with her finished bolster pillow. ok so she got tired and i finished the ends for her but she is very proud of it and i am proud of her too.

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