spring cleaning

well i guess i have kept this as much of a secret as i can here on this blog. those that know and love me will find this as no big shocker.

ok here goes………
i am an extremely messy person.
this is the afore mentioned kitchen table. in the past month what ever meals were eaten here where done so in the manner that i pushed back what ever crafting paraphanalia was around the edges enough to squeeze a plate in. can you see the veggie tales plate and pink plastic cup? lol its like a very sad i spy picture or where’s waldo.

i started cleaning the office/crafting room today.
now the only reason this space is referred to using those two words is becasue the computer is in there….. hence the office. and i have installed a countertop for projects…. hence the crafting part. the “room” … and i use that term loosely…. is quite an after thought. it used to be part of the garage. well actually the back part where the door would lead into the house from said once garage. so as you can guess we dont have much of a garage either.
anyway…. so since this was once part of the garage there are no windows, only a small bulb very close to the dividing wall … it barely made it in the room, and no insulation in the walls…. hey its supposed to be the garage right.
so as you can guess this is not the ideal space for either an office or a craft room but its the only space i have. ok well its supposed to be the only space i have. but it usually stays such a mess that it is mainly a toss-my-supplies-in and trip-over-everything-to-get-to-the-computer room. thats why the kitchen table looks liek it does because i obviously can t use this room in its condition.
can you see where i am going with this. i go from place to place in my house leaving messes …. i mean projects. any way i say all this because i am having my bunko group over on friday night so the house has to be clean ….. oh by the way the rest of the house pretty much looks like these pictures included….. ok pretty much stays like…. oh whatever… ugg!
so the house has to be clean so i figured why not start with the “room” where all the things i have to clean up in other areas need to go so it wont continue to be the disaster it usually is.
so i am cleaning the office today. i have made good progress. even found the memory stick my son had taken out of my camera and lost in here. i can see the floor and was actually able to pull down the attic ladder so i could get the christmas tree back up there…. yeah, i know, dont even go there. lol

One thought on “spring cleaning

  1. How I envy you that you can leave your craft clutter on the kitchen table! My 2 little ones are too small & I have to hide or bury my tools so that they are not easily accessible on top of our diningroom buffet! Enjoy!

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