half the fun is getting there ….. mobile part one

who ever came up with that saying must not have ridden in the back of a dodge grand caravan with 3 kids on a 12 hour trip.
my father in law accompanied us on our trip to mobile, alabama, so i was stuck on the middle bench seat next to the 3 year old in the carseat with the other two behind me. i though i was going to loose my mind!!! in the past our long trips have been softened abit by the fact that we had a dual screen dvd system for the car. but that went out at the end of last summer.

but i do not want this to become a rant on how completely deranged i was while on the journey….. no this is about good times with family…. right? yeah, right!

we always start out very early because then the kids can usually sleep for about half the trip. so we are rolling out of san antonio at 4:30 am saturday morning. woo hoo!! did i mention that i had bunko at my house the night before….. did i mention that i had been cleaning all week….. did i mention that i hadnt started packing any of our clothes. lol. i think i only got about 2 hours of sleep before we rolled.

but it was all good.

i had my bag with my crochet…. the traveling craft of choice this trip, the new issue of country living, and 5 new romance novels. so as soon as the sun came up i was set. lol. fyi…. that took a couple of hours.

so we travel……
houston….. beaumont…. baton rouge…. slidell… gulfport…. biloxi…. mobile

i was happy that we were able to convience my “got to get there” husband to stray off the interstate path of 10 and venture down to 90 that ran along the gulf coast line. yes i am talking about the area that took the brunt of katrina.
i always loved that drive. and hadnt convienced ben to take it since we were on our honeymoon leaving new orleans heading to mobile.
the areas are rather cleaned up for the most part. moat of the shoreline looks like vacant lots. rebuilding seems to be slow.the summer after ben and i started dating, he worked for his uncle painting. what did he paint? you might ask. he painted the barge casinos in biloxi. this is where the president casiono once stood. i can only describe that part of the trip as almost very ghostownish. none of the businesses and beach side resturants have returned yet. although there was a lone waffle house on the beach. it almost looked out of place.
i hope things will improve.


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