the great outdoors ….. mobile continued

i do so love going to mobile. the landscape reminds me of back home in arkansas. both are very much in contrast to the enviroment here in south texas. in the summers the kudzu has taken over nearly every forrested spot and the whole place seems so lush and green. and the trees are tall and the land rolls.
the weather was absolutely beautiful on our stay in mobile.

one set of ben’s grandparent live in the community of eight mile just north of mobile(where we spent our nights) and the other set live in the former town of wilmer (thats a whole other story that i might touch on some day) which is west of mobile. both communities are farely rural with the later being in more of the “boonies” catagory.
the sun shone bright and the temperture was very mild and the breeze, while having a slight nip to it, was perfect. usually we go to mobile during the summer and have to deal with mosquitos and humidity and high temperatures.(luke took this of me)

as you can see phoebe has mastered the art of bubble blowing. after many months of trying that only result in disappointing raspberries and the unfortunate loss of her gum at times, she finally achieved her goal. now i am just waiting for the moment when i break out the peanut butter to get a big wod out of her hair.
david’s classic pasttime while in mobile is digging a hole. i think it start with him complaining that there wasnt anything for him to do one time and either ben of great pawpaw told him to go out and dig a hole. so every year we go the first thing david does is to get started on his hole. this year’s efforts were quite impressive. i think he had contracted out some of the work from his sister and brother but we were all quite impressed. my mom said he looked like he was sitting in his grave after i showed her our pics……. way to deflate the moment mom.
luke as usually was in rare form. the moment he hit the yard the day after we had arrived he just started running the length of it. the house in eight mile sits on 3 acres and he would start at one end of the backayard and run about half of it then turn around and run back. he’d look around find another b-line to make and head off in that direction then turn around and run back. each time never failing to run through the small pile of leaves his sister had raked into a pile. and by the end of each day he was just one big dirt ball.

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