i think i am addicted

it may not be too late for an intervention.

i just cant keep from making these. and i went crazy with the fuzzy yarn today. i had an idea in my head and not the supplies so off it was in a down pour to hobby lobby to get my supply fix so i could go home and make more cupcakes. now if that isnt an addict i dont know what is. kind of reminiscent of my s’mores addiction. at least this one doesnt have any calories.

the yarn i used is by yarn bee and on sale at hobby lobby this week for $1.99. its the italia variety. this color is called genoan and its the softest thing in the world!!!
one draw back though. as with most of the fuzzier yarns it is really hard to see the stitches. i was able to work with it better than the green yarn (it is also from yarn bee… luscious/spearmint) i used in the granny square because it has a bulkier base yarn. but it was still making me cross-eyed.


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