and the sweat pours

our air conditioner isnt working. now for some of you in cooler climates you may say so what. but i live in san antonio, tx. it was 83 today.
i realized that the house wasnt cooling off as the clouds broke this afternoon and the house just wouldnt cool off. it got to over 85 in the house when i started throwing open windows. it felt better outside than it did in this house…. only the mosquitoes will eat you alive out there.
i encouraged the kids to take cool baths and we stripped down to the skimpiest of clothing and still be considered decent. but you can tell the heat has been at them… and all of us… very snip snippy tonight.
ben got home about an hour ago and has been up in the attic since. its much much hotter up there as you can imagine.
ooo i just stepped outside to get him a tool from the garage and it feels wonderful. why isnt that air moving through our house!!! fans are all on and windows open. ugggggg!! i am getting grumpy can you tell? i see an ice bath in my future but after hubby of course.


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