all a buzz

remember when we were replacing our fence and i talked about the house next door that had been empty and abandoned? well it seems that someone has bought it and is totally gutting it. which is what was needed. like i said it had had some rough times and the tenants hadnt been that nice to it. well since the last tenant up and vanished last july there were new ones that had moved in. quite a few in fact.

a whole mess of bees had started building a hive in the roof. we know this because it is the front corner right next to us and we could see them buzzing about. some days they werent much of a bother but other days they would swarm so bad i had to keep the kids in.

today the bee man came.
i am apologizing for these pictures because they were taken through either my dirty windows or the screen covering the bottom of them. there was no way i was standing outside while this guy had a nest of angry bees buzzing around.

the men working on the house said that they could hear then through the walls and that they had started to make their way into the house. i just hope they dont move into mine since he has taken down their old hive . lol.


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