bluebird bluebird through my window

thats a song my kids always learn in their music class at school.

here’s another little bluebird for ya. my latest in amigurumi… which is a japanese crochet technique. its the catagorie that all those cute little cupcakes i have been making fall into. no i am not burnout on making them. i was just enjoying the 3-demensional crochet thing so much that i wanted to branch out.

but i am not sure if i will make another of these little guys. the pattern wasnt as easy as the cupcakes. this one involved way complicated counting….. and well lets just say the counting part has never been my strong suit. but he is too cute.

i chose not to crochet the wings. i have a rather frayed quilted look going for them with some cream colored felt overlayed with some embroiered flower design cut from an old night gown. i am not totally finished with him. but like i said i dont know if i will make anymore at least for putting in the shop.

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