to all the girls i’ve loved before

i cant believe i have been so AWOL this week. i cant think of any reason why other than regular activities. i’ve entertained thoughts about posts but they have never actually made it here. i’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. many very good ones. there is such an inspiring community of women out there writing about art, crafting, life, and family. i need to get many of them on my side list of splendid people over there. but once again my blog laziness is taking over.

i want to spot light one in particular. jen at earth angle toys has a wonder post for mother’s day. it was so incredible i had to share it with as many of you as i could.

i have been making more cupcakes so they should be up soon on etsy and at the shoppe in little rock. and i am finally getting to some aprons i had mentally started a while back. lol. hopefully anyway.

happy mother’s day all!!!!!
(or as jen says……happy women’s day)


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