a fine white dusting

that’s whats covering most of the surfaces in our house. no not from my lack of house keeping skills….. although i wouldn’t argue that fact either. but from sanding sheetrock.

we have to get this house in order. get it on the market and hopefully sell it before we have to be in arkansas before ben has to begin teaching. that means fixing up some things and the big thing would be the master bath.

its been in disarray pretty much since we moved in. it was a horrible monstrosity of dark blue. dark blue wall paper and equally dark blue peel and stick tiles. the idea was that all the wall paper in the bathrooms and the kitchen would be taken care of before we actually moved in but due to some …. well boring stuff… basically it didn’t happen.
so i started just picking at the areas of the wallpaper that were lifting. and i started pealing off areas. ben really didn’t care for this. i quickly found out that the wallpaper had been stuck straight to the sheetrock. so it was tearing off patches of the paper covering of the sheetrock.
well basically i did a bunch of diy nono’s in the avoidance of having to rent a steamer and take in down….. this has been over the past 3 and a half years. so this february i rented the steamer. not only did it not get all of this dang wallpaper off… it gave my hair a very tight kink and i got a great facial steam.
so basically its taken us till now when we absolutely have to get it done to fill the patches and uneven parts, sand, and skim coat it, sand, and texture it. dad and i started it on saturday, and ben joined in today …. well monday since its officially tuesday…. and will have to finish it hopefully soon.
ahhhhg… all that rambling to say why there is dust. bah. ugg.
i am still soooo excited about moving but becoming increasingly overwhelmed but this we have to move thing. although i did get phoebe’s room pared down today. she is left with only a couple of dolls and stuffed animals and 5 barbies…. oh the injustice… lol. but its manageable for easy clean up when …hopefully… the house gets shown.
i need boxes and darn those are expensive. so if anyone is in the sa area with empty moving boxes for free.. that parts important…….

*** if you get pics with these future post …. hopefully i’ll have time for the post themselves… but if you get pics consider yourself lucky


2 thoughts on “a fine white dusting

  1. If you go to Wal-Mart between 4 – 5 in the morning, when their inventory is coming in, you can ask them for boxes for free. My dad does this for us all the time since we’ve moved once a year the past four years.

  2. We always buy our moving boxes from Costco…. They’re not free but they were less expensive than other places if it comes to that. Moving. How fun! 😉

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