schools out for summer
Logo There are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

<a style="color: #0066B3; text-decoration: underline; font: bold 16px/1.8 Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;" href="how/’>”>How many have your name?

i found this on a blog of a friend of mine from college. i knew i was unique but wow no one else with my name. cool.

to day was the last days of school. the kids got an early out so as i was loading luke into the stroller for out 1.5 minute walk over it hit me. its the last time i will walk the kids over to their school. yes granted i could live within walking distance from their new school but this was their first school. just got a little misty is all.
its all part of the realization that there are people and things i will miss.

still getting everything together for a tea party in the morning. i have decided on our menu but will post something tomorrow with pics… hopefully lol.
ok more cleaning less crafting. i must keep this as my mantra. to all those swap partners i have that i was to mail out today….. looks a bit more like its going to be on monday. and tracey and nancy i will get your etsy orders out then too.

3 thoughts on “schools out for summer

  1. You have links to all the good blogs… makes me feel like I didn’t keep up with <>anyone<> from college! Except you can’t comment on Jonathan’s blog (but such is the case with many of my overseas friends… even emails require codetalk!) – and he has some great photos to comment on.

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