yes i am still here

just in a bit of an upheaval.
yesterday we got the house on the market. that’s why you haven’t heard from me. i’ve been cleaning and packing and painting and you name it to get this house in order to be shown. ben has really been cracking the whip. which is his job to do when it needs to be done. i’d still be standing around scratching my head or still doing some craft project. lol.
now doesn’t my house look adorable? don’t you want to buy it? as soon as they get the listing online i will post the link.

and during all this craziness i received 2 of my swaps.
these from missy at crafty carnival. aren’t they soo cute. i doubt i will ever want to use them. lol keep them all for me!!!
for a better picture look here.

and this wonderful apron from diana. isn’t it great!! green and orange! and its reversible!!
i hope to get hers finished and mailed this weekend. fingers crossed. lol.

well that’s all for now. i am in charge of crafts for the vbs/basketball bible camp our church is doing this week. so i better scoot. tata.


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