what is it in us that makes us do what we do. you know who you are. those of us that see what a difference one more sequin would make, or one more brush stroke. we that will sacrifice sleep in the search of perfection for our creations.

check the time on this post. hmmm 1 am something right now. and here is what i have just finished doing.
i was asked today how i got into doing all these weddings. and my answer was that i just sort of fell into it. this is my 3rd wedding, since october, i have shall i say “designed” because i haven’t really planned anything or coordinated any parts of them. i am souly around to make things look pretty….. dazzling…… breathtaking. ooohh wait maybe not too much cause we want them looking at the bride and saying those words. right? riiiight.
but back to that why we do what we do. why am i up at this hour making last minute decorations (up for the rehearsal dinner tomorrow and to stay up for the reception on saturday as well). is it my theatre training in that the stage needs to be set? every detail in its place? make the setting believable? maybe.
i have accordion folded till my hands are cramping. not to mention wiring. still trimming to go. and the fluffing. really i am going to wait till i get them there to fluff. its much easier to transport them pre-fluffing. oooh but i am dying to fluff. they look so pretty once they have been fluffed.
can you tell its late? i just used fluff way too much. lol.
i will post pics of the sanctuary (which i also spent this morning decorating) and the fellowship hall (which will be the rehearsal dinner and reception spots) tomorrow and you can see it all together.
yes i know what your thinking but you i am not going to bed. hey, its what we do.

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