well this post is just that. its a hodge podge of all the things i have been meaning to post about on here. warning…there may be no rhyme or reason to any of this.
first off…. the wedding pics i have been promising. or rather look at all those pompoms. lol. the only bad part was you have to look past the horrible fluorescent lighting and the burnt orange chairs of our fellowship hall.
does it look better out of focus?
these are some of the bulletin boards that i decorated with pictures dionne and i took and verse about love and marriage from the BIBLE. i wrapped them wedding themed gift wrap and added the other embellishments. everyone loved them.
next on the list. a painting of a drawing i did that a friend wanted for her little girl’s room. she got the canvas to me right when school was out and i started it but as you know my life has been a little overwhelming as of late. here’s a close up where you can see the dainty silver tiara over the bedpost. its the story of the princess and the pea in case you didn’t get that.
and here is a pic of mine and jeru’s new shoppe space all repainted. she has much better pics on her blog. but she didn’t put this one up. i think she thought we looked to goofy. or rather i looked to

5 thoughts on “menagerie

  1. I love your Princess and the Pea picture. Maybe I’ll have a granddaughter one day… What a cute picture of you and Jerusalem! Corny pictures are always the best!

  2. I love the painting too! I’m so excited for your shop and the awesome stuff you two will do in the future. Very cool. And you can never be too corny.

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