a week of good byes

hello everyone!
still here… but not for long. we leave san antonio in about a week. the kids are actually leaving tomorrow. my inlaws are taking them to disney world and i will pick them up from dallas on out way through to arkansas.
so that is why this week has become a week of goodbyes. we had to get it allin before the kids left.
**forgive me this could be long… very long.**
it sort of all started on sunday. the kids last sunday. 😦
i think i was taking this all much harder than they were. i made it through sunday school just fine. but during worship services it would just hit me in spells. i’d be totally fine singing along with everyone else and bam! there i was choking back tears. i’d ahve to stop and try to catch my breath and not look like i was wiping the tears before they had a chance to run down my face. for those that dont know me that well, i am not that much of a public crier. really i would rather not ahve to do it at all.
this happened a number of times. i ignored my children as they searched out former sunday school teachers during the welcome part of the services and plastered on a smile when confronted with those wishing us well and how much they wouud miss us. apparently i dont do really well with goodbyes.
at the end of the service bro dennis called us to stand up front for everyone to file past and wish us their goodbyes. i quite trying to not cry then. its one of those times where you weigh the fact of crying in front of 200 people or trying not to cry and looking equally if not more pathetic. and yes i know crying isnt pathetic but by the time the first 10 had made it through i know i was rather red and puffy, snotty and blubbery.
so that was sunday. glad we got the crying goodbyes out of the way. we had been there for 6 years. i work for the school they run for 4 of those years and i made some really great friends from all ages there. my bunko group was all ladies from church. and i taught most of the younger kids there either in sunday school, nursery or childrens drama. i will miss you all and i can feel my self choking up so i will move on.

told you this was long…… but here come the pictures.

well we decided that there were a few things we wanted to go do one last time before we left san antonio.and one of those things was visiting the witte museum. get the chance one day, go by all means. they had a dinosaur exhibit on at the time and the kids loved all the interactive things with that. i loved all the old things.
like the old carved wooden benches they have for you to sit in.
and their exhibit of hand crafted texas furniture.

and their exhibit of fiesta dresses through the years.

they also have the scientific tree house.

lots of fun experiements to play with that leads out to this awesome huge treehouse with a water garden outside the museum.

after the museum we had lunch at the new rainforest cafe

on the riverwalk.

and then went to see the new dinosaur movie at the imax.
the kids then spent the night with mom and i went out with dionne and roberta (the recipient of the princess and the pea bed). we dined at asia kitchen.. the best asian resturant in san antonio i kid you not. go there too. then retired to dionne’s with our starbucks and chatted reluctant to go home untill we were almost asleep and had nothing else to say. i’ll miss out times at BIBLE study girls.

tuesday, ben and i tried to get a lot of packing done while the kids were still at moms. I did take phoebe to play and say by to her pall from school nancy who lives a street behind me. her mom milly and i bond over coffee and refashioning clothing and she also does the most awesome highlights i have ever had. thanks milly for being so great and so cool.
and would you believe it bunko got moved to tuesday night so i was able to go. i didnt think i was going to get to make it this month because of getting the kids to my in laws for the trip. so i was able to go and have one last night with the ladies. most were ones i had said a tearfull goodbye to sunday morning but it wasnt so bad this time. ahhh bunko. i’ll have to find one or start my own in conway.

wednesday was use-our-seaworld-seaon-passes-one-last-time.

ben stayed home to pack

while i went with mom and the kids to bid a fond fairwell to shamu.

thursday we packed some more… have you noticed that reoccuring theme. and mom took the kids that afternoon for one last sleepover (and also caught a few more of the seaworld shows) while ben and i attended his going away party with his friends from work.

and today. we met mom and the kids for lunch at asia kitchen. i’m not kidding this is an awesome place. the kids love it and would rather eat there than any fast food place. i highly recommend the gyoza, phad thia, and the pad woonsen. we eat there so much that they know our appetizer order the minute we set down. and they all know the kids. we will really miss that place. then it was back home to do …guess what… more packing. because we were going to load up the back of moms truck and camper (she’s taking the kids to my inlaws cause she is heading on to see my sis and then to arkansas before so why not get a jump on this moving thing right).

ooo and the funnest thing today too. remember ben had gotten me ballroom dancinglesson gift certificate for christmas. well i had missplaced it forr a while then there was all the hubbub abotu finding a job and are we going to move then yes and getting ready to move and now… moving that i forgot to set them up. so i call and say look i have $130 gift certificate from your studio and need to use it in 4 days what can we do. originally it was for some group sessions that went on for a few weeks but as you can tell that was out. so we had our first of 2 private lessons today.

i had taken ballroom back in college when on a whim and i guess totally bored during summer school my friend andrew and i signed up for some lessons. ben has never really been much of a dancer. he’s totally happy the just hold up the wall. but we had the best time today. we did the 2 step, rumba, and swing (my fav) and were getting good. or rather he was… its kind of a refresher for me. but he said he really enjoyed himself and we even discussed searching out a place for lessons once we get to arkansas.

well thats about it. the kids are all packed for disney world and jave said goodbye to the neighbors next door. you know the ones we have the open fence policy with. and said good bye to the house. ooo i almost started crying again.

gosh so sorry this was like a novella. but i wanted to get it all out. for 7 years i have been trying to get the hey out of this town and state but leaving isnt as easy as i thought it would be.
ok sayign goodbye now cause i’m about to start it all over again.


4 thoughts on “a week of good byes

  1. When one door closes, another opens…. All your tears just mean you’re kind and caring. Otherwise it wouldn’t matter. Have a safe journey if I don’t ‘talk’ to you before you leave.

  2. i wanted to let you know that i love the apron!! it is soooo fab!!!! i tried to email you but it wouldn’t go through!! i just wanted to let you know!Diana

  3. packing = yuck!(glad you got some dancing in there to mix things up a bit)Are the cups at the top of your screen part of your decor? If so, I have a bowl I need to keep out of the yard sale for you (a holdover from an old color scheme I just couldn’t bare to part with!)

  4. oh it sounds like you had an amazing week jeanetta, sad as well though, I move every 6 months but never so far but its always hard including all the packing, i hope all goes well and the new home brings you the happiness you are wishing for.Karaxx

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