we made it!!!

we are here!

we made it!!!

it was long and hard and not fun but we got here. and i am not just saying that to be funny. on thursday i was to meet my inlaws at dfw to collect my children.

first i accidentally drove in to the airport….. i was trying to get close and just stop at something along the way, and I had to pay a dollar to get out that time.

next i picked up my sorely missed children. i loved watching them coming off their gate. there is a glass partition between those flying and the baggage claim at dfw. luke was running a fever and had even thrown up on the plane. fun thing to look forward to when you are driving for 400 miles with 3 kids by yourself.

then when i left the ariport i dont know how or what i was thinking but i was turned around heading in the wrong direction. i am heading to arkansas so i need to be on 30 and i was on 35w and in flower mound before i realised it. so a quick call on a dying battery to my sister and i had my alternate route planned. and after 2 hours of peak time traffic we finally made it to rockwall and put dallas behind us. it will be a long time before i do dfw by myself again.

in rockwall we tried to stop and eat at a waffle house… some how i have brain washed my kids to think that waffle house is the most awesome place to eat, they spot them out miles away. so as we were getting out of the van to go in phoebe started throwing up. then having to explain to luke that he wasnt getting waffle house because his sister was sick didnt go over well. i still owe him the breakfast at wh that i bought him off with.

we stop at an albertson’s….. no HEB’s it will take some getting used to up here. got some bland food and drinks for the road and headed off. i was really at my wit’s end and i am not referring to the adventures in odessey cd’s i had gotten for the kids to listen to.

there were many other stops and starts… no more vomitting which was very good. but we finally made it to our new home with our lovely beds already for us…. thanks jeru, nathan, denny and russ. there is an absolute plethera of boxes.
i think i am going to be rather busy for a while. lol.

2 thoughts on “we made it!!!

  1. I’m so glad you made it safely…hope family is feeling better…enjoy every minute- even the frustrating ones, practicing His presence. May His mercies overflow in your day!~Mystele

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