its not easy being green

yeah you guessed it…. more eco stuff.

i think about these things alot. maybe too much. if i let myself i can obsess about things. i think about all those things that years ago we thought were so great and have become such a huge part of our lives only to find out they aren’t that great for us or the environment. the fact that we aren’t taking care of what GOD has blessed us with i guess is what it all boils down to.

i am still hardly using the dryer. as of right now that seems like my only consistent contribution to the cause. well that and hitting the thrift store. you know to keep things from going into the landfills. lol.

still no fabric grocery bags. hmmmm some day.

i was really encouraged by a few post today:

  • amy from angry chicken… great article about all the toy recalls and her solutions
  • blair from wisecraft who shares her green-ness and gives some links to sew green.

i hope these articles are insightful to you as well.


2 thoughts on “its not easy being green

  1. In terms of helping things stay out of the landfill, you should see if there is a freecycle group in Conway. Just google the name and you should be able to find out. We’ve loved using it in our area.

  2. You just keep talking green! We need to hear it and the more we hear it, the more we’ll, too, take baby steps to help our earth. Thank you for spearheading this and finding links for us to visit and learn from. You go girl!

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