something whimsy this way comes

ok, yes i know the original quote was not “whimsy”, but these things were just too cute to be that wicked.

these will be in the shoppes on woodlawn for 1st thursday on sept 6th. and hopefully i will be up for another round to stock etsy.


“good witch”


party hats…..

“good witch”

“bad witch”

and meet rags the raven.

he’s a first cousin of frazzle’s in for the halloween holiday. kind of a black sheep, errr bird of the family if you ask me. he only shows up for the candy. he’ll be showing off alot of his new and varried patterned feathers this season.

6 thoughts on “something whimsy this way comes

  1. Everything is so super cute! Your sassy little aprons and hats, that darling little bird, and those cool autumn cupcakes! You are so talented and creative!P.S. sweet and sinister package heading your way 🙂

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