drawing a blank

i have volunteered my services. CASA for children here in conway hold a really neat event each year. its called the festival of chairs. artist donated chairs that they had painted and decorated to be auctioned off along with other items (trips, packages, such and such) and allthe procedes go to help CASA.
i stumbled upon this as i was searching the local calendar of events and thought this is right up my alley. i love painting on furniture and especially chairs. so i found a number and left a message since it was late afternoon labor day. they got back to me about mid week and said they would love to have me do a chair. they had required that the chairs be brought to them by sept 1 but that they would accept my when i got it finished as well. the even isnt until oct 12th but i would liek to get it in as soon as i could. they place the chairs out in resturants and businesses that are sponsoring the auctions so that the public can veiw them.
here’s the problem.
i am stumped!! i found a chair today while garage saling. but i cant get inspired. if any of you have any ideas out there in blog land they would be greatly appreciated. i just need a little nudge.

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