back in the saddle again

check out my etsy store. i have finally dusted out the cobwebs and put some more things in there. last week jerusalem came over and helped me organize the monstrosity of a craft cabinet i have and we found a plethora of things i had already made to put up on etsy.

which is good because my efforts are totally focused on the shoppe here. you saw all the lovely pics from the beginning of the month when we were all decked out for halloween. well we went back over the weekend and our walls were practically bare. i was dumbfounded and am still a bit overwhelmed. her banners were scant and all of my aprons and signs were gone with the wind. every time we turned around we realised something else had been sold. we moved around what was left and and added the few things we had brought with us to make the room look presentable.

so now you know the reason i am mad dashing to get some more things done for the shoppe. overwhelmed just begins to touch it because it took me a couple of weeks to get those things ready and now i am trying to do the same thing in a couple of days. but at least i know what i am making and don’t have to sit around and think it up. so say a prayer for us.

4 thoughts on “back in the saddle again

  1. Thanks for leaving me a note so I’d know who you were! I love all your paintings, especially the wooden screen with seasons on each side! You are very talented. Sorry you were cleaned out, my friend and I probably had something to do with that.

  2. Yea, I’m so happy that your little shop is doing so well. Only wish I could come visit…. I never got back to you about that Pumpkin sign…. I didn’t realize it was so large. Shoot.

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