jingle all the way

yes yes i know so many are say but what about thanksgiving.

that’s what they were saying at the shoppe as we decked out our room in what jerusalem dubbed a “very vintage christmas”.

our room changes revolve around the first thursday schedules. so sometimes we have to plan ahead.

and here are some lovely, splendid shots of the shop from this past shop and sip.
here is our lovely bessie all dolled up in her apron and scarf.
tres chic.
we were told that weary husbands had grown fond of our couch even though it was pink.
after a full day of setting up i was quite fond of it too. very comfy.
patch work stockings to hold those treasures.
did i have food on the brain when i was inspired to make these ornaments?
have a spoonful of christmas…….
or a cupful if that’s not enough for you.
and still more.
lovely aprons with bells even
and tons of vintage ornaments.
are you feeling the spirit?
do you believe?
well we do.
and here is a nice little letter to santa.
i wont forget to cookies. 🙂
***all photos by jerusalem greer and you can see more at her blog.
ooh and look for some of these items on etsy soon.

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