i know its sooo cliche

thank GOD its friday!!!

yes the ole end of the week stand by. no matter when it rolls around i always feel i certain relief. no matter how the week had fared there is always this sense of “at least its friday“.

i think i comes from the knowledge of not having to have kids to homework right away, of not having to enforce the bedtime as strictly, and more importantly on the next day getting to sleep in…. well not so much with little kids but at least not having to face the grumbling faces that hide under their pillows refusing to face the world. …..hmmm there were alot of faces in that sentence…… who cares its friday!!!!

the fact that baths are a loosely enforced duty and most likely its pizza for dinner…. but i did to that for last night so i might have to do something for tonight. lol.

hope you all had a great friday and super weekend.


5 thoughts on “i know its sooo cliche

  1. I love Fridays too! Even though my kids are all grown and gone. And I work for myself, which means I will probably still be in my studio working on mosaics this weekend….but Fridays are just a relief!Pennyp.s. thanks for saying such nice things about my mosaic tea cart!

  2. And you know the funny part about Fridays? Even being retired, I still look forward to fridays. It’s the end of the week. I get to make a new list for the upcoming week. I can leave any unfinished business, unfinished. And the weekends are still my down time even though every day of the week could be!

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