for christmas

ok so not like anyone who will need to see this will ever actually read it. (aka ben….. he doesn’t do blogs) but if anyone happens to read it and would like to put a bug in his ear……..

1. dishwasher
2. garbage disposal
3. pinking shears for fabric
4. largest cutting mat you can find.


2 thoughts on “for christmas

  1. Ha! That’s funny – my hubby doesn’t do blogs either. I can talk about him to my heart’s content and he’d have no idea….My wish list to him was: the most expensive paper cutting scissors you could find in Michaels, but ask for the 40% off coupon at the cashier. I also asked for a needle felting kit, but I saw the panic in his eyes….”what the heck is that?!” and I told him to forget it! (I bought the supplies for myself on etsy).

  2. You might be surprised. I’ve had my blog for almost a year, never thought hubs paid any attention to it. One day he just piped up and mentioned something I had written, I was shocked! Now let me preface this, he probably only looks at it once a month. But, you never know. 🙂

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