up to my eyeballs

all those last minute things. and how did the last minute sneak up on me sooo fast. what happened with that extra week because thanksgiving came so early this year?

i just finished up my big shopping. at least i hope i did. i’ll have to survey everything and make sure. but i got ben’s finally. i’ve been asking and asking and he waits until now to tell me what he wants. all i am saying is that i am saving the tags and he can take them all back if he doesn’t like them. i’m not really a hunter when it comes to christmas shopping. if i stumble across something i think you will like or it fits your “want” close enough, i’m getting it.

today i must start putting together all the handmades for teachers gifts and such. the parties start tomorrow. and i was given the job of putting together non-food related, inexpensive treat bags for phoebe’s class. i am finishing up that today and will have pics… hopefully. no promises here people.

i think i need to make a list.

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