christmas comes early

yesterday i got a little bit of christmas early. jerusalem came over and we met to exchange gifts. we had aspirations of going to a very girlie-shee shee place and have a formal tea served to us. but alas with the offical day drawing near and other obligations pressing us, we opted for coffee at my house while opening gifts and then on to a restaurant here in conway where she could get her favorite white cheddar and dill soup.

but what a great time we had opening gifts. she’s more of a shopper and i am more of a maker but i did have some treasures to give her. but ooo how she surprised me with all my little gifts.

my two favorite retro patterns are the green lazy daisy and the golden butterfly. both have been produced with pyrex, corelle, and corning. my hope is to one day replace the dishes i have now with these 2 patterns.

but she found me a butter dish and a gravy boat!!!!

this cutest pincushion. now i have to figure out how to make it without taking it apart.

and these lovely curtains. i cant decide where i want to use them.

and this platter which i absolutely love!

its funny because we have very different taste but can easily shop for the other because we never argue over a piece.

2 thoughts on “christmas comes early

  1. it is so true! We do know each other so well and it is great that we never fight over a piece or covet what the other has… I will try and post my pics of my goodies tomorrow! I love ya friend!

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