sharpest tool in the shed

its officially cold here now. like unbearably cold. i tried to paint something outside today and had to stop because my fingers were in such pain. yeah tracy and nancy, i know i’m a weanie to the cold.

tonight its dropping into the low teens. like its supposed to be 12 degrees fahrenheit or something insane like that.
so guess what my husband is doing. he’s flooding half of the drive way to make an ice skating rink. why do i see concussions and broken wrists in my future?

OMG!!!!!!! like no lie he just came in and asked me if he was bleeding while pointing to his forehead. the damn fool just took a spill on his own death trap!!!!!!!!
and yet he goes back out with another bucket of water.
(blog writer sighs heavily while shaking her head)


9 thoughts on “sharpest tool in the shed

  1. That is TOO funny!!I made sure to let the sinks drip here and there so the pipes dont freeze. I think its going to be 12 here tonight.All I that its so cold outside it hurts!

  2. That IS too funny!! We have the same thing in our driveway and road. Snow, warmer temps, and lots of rain = an ice skating rink. It makes for an interesting drive…. Bundle up!

  3. Well, he certainly is creative! I agree though, enough with this weather. If we have to be THIS cold, we should at least have some snow to go with it!

  4. sadly, that sounds like something my husband would do. He concussed himself once by falling up the 2 concrete steps at our old apartment building….after he had already scaled a roof & crawled in through our kitchen window.

  5. He’ll probably make it if he’s still up & walking – stay warm, chickie! (I am a bit jealous of the skating rink – I would’ve LOVED that as a kid before I was smart enough to be afraid of stuff.)

  6. Too funny! I think my parting words to all of my dh’s ideas are don’t get hurt… we need you. LOL! I’m so not jealous of the cold tho. I hate it too! Note to self… must retire in Arizona. LOL!

  7. Well, I hope that your break from blogging hasn’t been because of any serious bodily harm caused by that ice rink. That was hilarious. πŸ™‚ I’ve tagged you to write 5 weird things about yourself. You can thank the glitter queen for starting it. πŸ™‚ See the monster you’ve encouraged!!

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