the dance of joy

i got up this morning wrapped in my aged lavender terrycloth robe. stumble grumpily to the kitchen for coffee. realised we were running late if we were going to get to church on time. “better throw those clothes in the dryer.” through open the door to the carport and……..

was never so glad to to be hit with warm muggy temps from outside!

i did my own little dance of joy in my unmatched pj’s and old robe right there in the carport.

its actually colder in my house than outside right now even though my husband begs to differ. look i have chill bumps.

this past week was a flurry of paper and glitter. of course after ringing in the new years (old people style…… we watched kids shows until our friends children nodded off then we played poker, pausing briefly to count down the new year, then back to poker), i realised that this thurs was of course first thurs…. duh!….. and i needed something for the shoppe.

jerusalem had come up with an interim theme of birthdays while we waited for valentines the roll around. my kitchen was still in a mess and i had a house guest i was trying not to bore to death while trying to get some new things produced. i had a very strong battle with myself over whether i should knock out some aprons wednesday night. but sanity won especially since the dinning room table where i work was still covered with homeless dishes and clutter. oh and the sawdust. that was everywhere.

so i resigned myself to making party hats and birthday badges.

tomorrow my family finally goes back to their regularly scheduled programs and i once again have the house to myself. i cant work with all of them running around. so after i get them gone it shall be clean out an area for sewing and get to work on some smashing aprons for valentines day. i see sexy and sassy designs. lol.
****** all pics taken by the lovely and talented jerusalem, because i can never remember to a. bring my camera or b. empty the card before first thurs.

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