you people are just nosey

ok since thanksgiving i have been tagged 3 different times with a name 5-8 random, weird, unknown things about you. first nancy, then kara and now sarah. really do you peeps think i am that interesting.
so ok i’ll give it a shot…….. hmm should i do 5 or 8. i’ll aim for 5 and see where i get after that.

1. i have a manicurist license…… well its expired but i still have it. the only summer i came home during college and didn’t got to summer school i had this bright idea that i would go to beauty school and get a manicurist/ nail tech license and use it to make money with while back in college. so i attended searcy beauty college. which i might say was quite an interesting experience. and received my license. i was good too. i had lots of salon owners in searcy wanting me to come to work for them but i had to go back to college at obu in arkadelphia. but sadly i have never been employed as a manicurist/ nail tech. i could never find a place that didn’t want me to rent a booth which i just didn’t have time for with being in plays and workstudy. and consequently because of my training i am very unsatisfied with every manicure i have received since. i wasn’t kidding when i said i was good.

2. my sister and i share the same birthday. she was born on my second birthday. she’ll be 31 this year so just add 2 to that and you will see how old i will be. lol heeeeheeee love you sis.

3. i rode on the national bicentennial wagon train. well for a bit anyway. my uncle jim was driving the chuck wagon for it . i was just barely a year old when my mom and i flew with my cousin jim ed (our very first plane ride) to valley forge.
here i am sitting atop one of his clidesdales. aren’t i cuuuute.

4. in college while playing the part of dorine from tartuffe, i came off stage about halfway during the performance and promptly passed out. it seemed to be a combination of a lots of stage running and lots of lines that had to be said and a corset that was drawn up a bit to tight. after getting me to the green room and unlacing my dress and the corset and removing it. i spent the rest of my time in the play (which wasn’t that much) sitting in a chair somewhere on stage. i was the maid in the play and the only one sitting.

5. i sew on the kenmore sewing machine my mom got as an anniversary present from my dad before i was born.

6. when i was about 13 i was crazy about the monkees. the infant cable station that it was nickelodeon aired the old shows. i had everyone of them on tape, just about every song they had ever recorded, i even had davy jone’s autobiography they made a monkee out of me and an unofficial biography. yes, i know, very sad.

7. i cant stand to listen to hotel california by the eagles. not sure why. maybe because i seems like such a cliche old rock song. don’t get me wrong love the eagles. take it easywinslow, arizona i am there. 7 bridges road…. always a favorite. how long… love the new one. but i cant stand hotel california. it gets the radio turned real quick.

ohhh man one more…. do know how long this is taking me?

8. i think i will let those that know me well fill this one in. if you think there is a weird, random or otherwise unknown fact about me (that i wont kill you for sharing…AND IS TRUE) then leave it in the comments.

i know tag cecile, nikki, koralin, meg, and jennifer.


16 thoughts on “you people are just nosey

  1. I will have to bring up the bright orange Converse tennis shoes (i think I have a pic somewhere of that). Only you could pull them off, and man, was I ever jealous!! 🙂

  2. I know the 8th one. There are seedy pictures of you all over the internet.(well I think one is up here and there are some on Etsy, and maybe a couple other places) Well, parts of you anyway. Your midsection and you are only covered by jeans, T-shirt and those wonderful aprons that you make. But I can see bare arms! Oh the scandal!!! LOL

  3. Ahh, I hate Hotel California too. Except the Gypsy Kings version in Spanish, SOOO much better. Thanks for the fun list, I always enjoy getting to know my blog buddies better!

  4. Well thanks for pointing out my age, just remember you are always older. 🙂 I have so many for the 8th one, but none that should be mentioned on the web. love you

  5. I’m glad you did the tag! I love reading these things! They are hilarious! So how bitter were you at having to share your birthday with your little sister! LOLOLOL!

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