thank you

i just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the support and prayers concerning my aunt. she is doing ok. from what i can understand.. and when people start explaining complicated things like this to me my mind kind of glazes over…. she has broken the 1st and 2nd vertebrae in her neck. this controls her breathing. when they brought her in last night it was all still in line and they were hopeful it would stay that way and fuse itself back together. my mom stayed with her last night and while they took her for a CAT scan this morning. they noticed some slippage.
for now they have her in a brace to hold the correct position. she broke her wrist as well but it is being left in a splint and bandages because they don’t want to mess with it until they get the neck thing a little more stable. it was her right one too and she is right handed so you can imagine how that would be.
my aunt ruth has always been an extremely independent and strong person. and i have no doubt that if all her gumption could fix her broken body then it would. but i know that it will take more than that.
it will take prayers and faith. for her and the doctors treating her. thank you so much and just continue to remember her.


5 thoughts on “thank you

  1. I’m sorry, Jeanetta. I will certainly keep your aunt in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like she’s just a young whipper snapper though and will fight to get better.

  2. Keep me informed. I know with her spunk and determination, she won’t let it get the best of her. If you speak to her, let her know that my thoughts are with her.

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