giveaways, sneaky sneezes and spotlights

laurie from charming designs led me to this great giveaway here. and check out laurie’s amazing little birdies. every time she puts a new one up i just love it. she has some great valentine themed ones in her ebay store.

ever have that sneaky sneeze? you know that one that brings you right to the brink and then fakes out on you. then you’re left all tingly nosed and watery eyed. i’ve had one for almost 3 days now. every once in a while i will actually get my sneeze….. like maybe one a day. but this is just too many of these almost sneezes leaving me hanging. so if you see me around twitching my nose like samantha on bewitched or staring at the light in order to force my sneeze you will understand.

guess who is yummy!

that’s right…… me!!

cheryl at confections has spotlighted one of my new cupcakes.

** please remember my aunt this afternoon around 2-3 central time. she will be going into surgery to repair the break in her neck. they are going to also work on her wrist at the same time. they are going to have to put the breathing tube through her nose instead of her throat for obvious reasons and she will be conscious while they have to do that so just pray that goes calmly.


5 thoughts on “giveaways, sneaky sneezes and spotlights

  1. I’m just now catching up on my blog reads— I will be keeping your Aunt in my prayers.And those sneezes….oh, I’ve had those so many times. I’ve even said to my husband, “If I could just SNEEZE it would help so much,” and he looks at me kind of funny. I hope you have many sneezes, really soon!

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