is tomorrow the 14th?………….oh crap!

at about 3 this afternoon i realised that indeed, tomorrow is valentine’s day and that i had not yet bought any. made many for the shoppe yes but that was weeks ago.

i had seen blair’s post yesterday about the cute valentines her daughter made using sticks of gum. and thought ahha…. gum!! its cheap and easy
(…….. huhuhuh insert your own crude joke there).

so after waiting for ben to come home i ran to walmart and was comforted to see i wasnt the only one shopping for valentines. i quickly steered clear of the isles designated to said holiday. i had a plan and headed for the office supplies.

YES! very vacant….. i cant stand fighting crowds.

so i grabbed a package of blank index cards, and let me just stop to say how much i absolutely love blank index cards. they are so awesome. i use to make my own postcards out of them and have used them for party invitations on many occasions. just run them through your printer. so awesome!

but i digress…..

then off to the normal non valentiney candy isle. YES! once again mostly unpopulated. i swear no one has any imagination these days. well of course except for you guys. šŸ™‚

so i grab a couple of multi-packs of juicy fruit. see i must have sticks of gum. sorry double bubble you wont work for this project. and as i am ending the isle i snag the 1/2 pound hershey with almonds for my main man too. see i am on top of my game here.
ok enough play by play….

so this is what we came up with.

first we hamburger folded the index cards so that they functioned like a regular gift card would.

then i printed out words on the computer for the outside and inside of the cards. and we took my vast supply of scrapbook paper an punched out hearts for the front and inside of the cards as’s lukes little fingers helping me hold the card for the photo shoot. he did his own cards too. well for the most. i helped with folding and the glue but he stuck all the parts down.catchy little wording there dont you think. šŸ™‚and we finished it all off with happy v day and a stick of gum sealed with a heart.

we used stick glue. just goop it up really good and jiggle the stick of gum to set it in the glue and it will hold well. its actually my glue of choice when dealing with children if you can get away with it holding. its so not the mess that liquid glue can me. i know call me the party pooper but hey who do you think is cleaning all this mess up anyway. ……. in the morning after they leave for school of course though.

thank you to everyone who sent such good words and thoughts and prayers our way. i am calm with the situation for the most part. until i start thinking about it too much. šŸ™‚ but i know it will all be fine. i may not like it but we will all be fine and together and GOD will take care of us.


9 thoughts on “is tomorrow the 14th?………….oh crap!

  1. I love them!! I swear you go all of the creativity in the family. I so wish we could trade sometime. I love you, Happy Valentines Day. Tell the kids Aunt Leslie loves them.

  2. Such a wonderful idea. I’ll have to show you in a future post what I spent my week before v day working on. I made the boys mailboxes out of plastic canvas to collect their V day cards in. It took longer than I suspected, but I was trying be too perfect. Love ya, and have a great day!

  3. You are too crafty! That is just an awesome idea. Next year, the kids are so getting homemade cards to send to school. No more stinky store bought V-Day cards for our casa. Thanks for the inspiration.

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