the egg roll

this isn’t a write up about my favorite chinese food restaurant. haven’t really found one since moving.

no this is about making felted eggs. my new friend cyndi at the twisted purl showed me how.

how cyndi and i met is rather humorous. i did a local search on etsy and it brings up sellers close to you. i happened to click on cyndi’s shop and found that she was indeed from here in little ole conway like me. i also found that she had started an arkansas etsy street team. i joined that and one day she happened to be reading m y blog post about the daddy daughter dance and inquired as to where i went to church because her church just had one too. low and behold we go to the same church. her quote in a blog post was “small world, big church“.

we emailed back and forth and decided we were both going to a new small group one night and finally got to meet. our husbands eyed us rather questionably when we started chatting like we had known each other for a while. i said we bonded over yarn….. which she spins beautifully. i got to see her do it on tuesday. soooo cool. it so appealed to my textile junky side.

but to make a long story short…. haha too late.

she taught me how to felt the wool and make the cutest eggs for all these nest i have crocheted.

it takes a lot of arm muscles and i can only hope that i will be building up some fine looking triceps and biceps from the repetitious movement. but basically you wrap and wind the wool into a tight ball then is hot soapy water you dunk it and just start rolling. and rolling ……. and rolling.

sorry there are no pics of the actually process. its hard to take pics with soapy hands and you really need both of them for this craft.

my dishpan hands have returned but not from washing dishes…… got that dishwasher finally remember. no my hands are all pruney from rolling eggs.

as soon as i can get some better pics….. dealing with no sun and batteries that keep running down….. i will have these little nests and eggs up on etsy. so stay tuned. **** they are up now****

once again thanks so much cyndi and everyone go check out her yarn too!

also!!!! you all need to go check out
my friend stephanie over at chasing threads. after much encouragement she has finally set up her own etsy shop. lovely little baby gifts and i cant wait to see the quilts she put sup there too. she is also having a giveaway on her blog so run over and sign up for that.

6 thoughts on “the egg roll

  1. Oh my GAWD those are the cutest things EVER!!! I have a table in my entry way that I try to update for the different seasons… I think the Snowfolk need to go away and be replaced by a nest and eggs.🙂

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