absolutely giddy

well at least this is the first time i have actually found myself in one!

my tiny nest is featured!

can you tell i am excited? sorry about all the exclamation points.
it has brightened my dreery day. a day i really wanted to be upbeat becasue ben and i are getting away to hot springs this weekend. his birthday is next week so its a little early celebration. i am dreery today becasue i cant stop sneezing and i dont want to resort to benedryl or i will never get anything done and will be super groggy. and i want to be up and peppy for nathan’s good food tonight. (incase you didnt know he’s the sweetie to miss j)
anyway you guys have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

12 thoughts on “absolutely giddy

  1. Yay! The treasury is a really pretty one too!Have fun on your weekend away. I’m jealous. I’ll be spending the weekend with stiff cardboard boxes screaming at me to be unpacked!I don’t know who you’re having dinner with, or what you’re having, but I wanna come!

  2. woo hoo!! congrats! and never apologize for the use of exclamation points!!!I’ve decided, after seeing your beautiful valentine’s day cupboard doors, that I need another one to go with my “lovely”; maybe even two….I want one for the bedroom, but I haven’t decided what I want it to say, or in what color. And then I need one (yes, need!) one for the baby-girl once I decide on a name. How much time to you need to make one (or both) in order for Jerusalem to bring them up with in April?

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