its sooo easy

ok so here’s the deal. and what a sweet deal it is too.
mendy at modern charm is offering a hard to beat challenge. all you have to do basically is tag yourself with the 7 random things meme and she’s giving out goodies.

so 7 things…… hmmmmm

1. and in a way i am stealing this from nikki but i have to say it because it is so true about me. but i am defunct at typing in the little wavy letters for the comment registrations. you know sometimes they are shaded in to or what ever but i suck at it. sometimes i just don’t leave a comment because i have tried like 3 times before to get it right and i figure well maybe that was as insightful as i thought it was going to be.

2. i decorate backwards. or maybe i clean backwards. either way when i look at my messy rooms and trying to realise why they aren’t working, because you know its the rooms fault we ant keep it clean, right. anyway i rearrange and moved furniture before i clean. i pile all the crap on the bed or largest furniture piece in the room and start shoving. this is usually done while my husband is asleep in his recliner or something because he really hates my view on this. but i figure why clean up and put things in a place that i will just have to move in a bit when i start rearranging. rearrange then clean.

3. my hands are double jointed. my fingers can look like the wicked witch’s and i can put my thumb behind my hand. i used to be able to put my foot behind my head but i cant anymore with out being really sore the next day.

4. i have still never seen the movie titanic.

5. believe i or not as a child i was very quite and shy. ok those that know me in real life get up off the floor and quit laughing…… ok really now your just making a spectacle of yourself.

6. i am addicted to baths. i rarely take a shower its always a bath.

and last but not least……..

7. i have a horrible fear of breaking things in stores. every time i go to a thrift shop or antique mall, i clutch my bag tightly and very careful. as a child i knock over a whole bunch of framed pictures of jesus at a department store so i have terrified of recreating that even.


7 thoughts on “its sooo easy

  1. great list! I think you’ll find A LOT of us suck at the word verification thingy’s to post a comment. I can’t believe you haven’t seen Titanic! It has some cheesy qualities to it, but I still love it & think it’s one of the greatest love stories ever. And off the subject, but sorry for spoiling your suprise about my baby-girl sign! You’re too sweet; I wasn’t expecting one as a gift at all! I am more than happy to pay you for it, but won’t say no to a gift, either 😉 I will let you know just as soon as I decide for sure on her name. and then she better come out a girl….

  2. HA HA HA HAHAHAHA deep breath, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. deep breath, you shy as a child! HA HA, fall on floor, bump head, tears streaming, HA HA HA. No really, I”m ok.

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