well thank you for the support. and the alternatives. 🙂

yes i could have easily redecorated for each season but then i would have still had to remove the existing decorations and why not go ahead and take it all down then.

it didn’t take that long after all. and it looks really bare now. see the table its full of ornaments.

and here are some ornaments i got from you lovely bloggettes out there.

i won the tussie mussie in a giveaway from cheryl at confections. and nikki was trying to pass this cupcake off as an ugly ornament and wanted one in exchange. i think i got the better end of the deal. 🙂

well after getting the tree down…ummm small confession… it is down just not out yet. :p.

anyway after getting done with the tree i started finishing a project for the shoppe in hillcrest that i am really proud of. i picked up this desk and had the chair already and they just happen to look great together. so i painted it a lovely robin egg blue for spring and easter and lined the drawers with pages from the complete works of william shakespeare. i revamped the hardware too. phoebe loved it and wanted it for her room but i said it had to go to the shoppe. and here it is at its new home. but we don’t want it getting too comfy there. its waiting for the right person to snatch it up and take it home.


7 thoughts on “

  1. hmm… where could I create space for a writing desk? You just gave me motivation to clean! Which means, if the desk happened to still there in six months <>maybe<> I’ll have organized enough to have room for it! 🙂

  2. The desk set is SOOOO cute! Love the color.My girls used to do the same thing whenever I make stuff–they want it for themselves. Now they don’t bother asking, they just say: “That’s for the shop, isn’t it?”

  3. that desk is so sweet.i love that you lined the drawers…adorable.wow…everyone’s weather is crazy this year. just plain crazy.cold…warm…cold…warm…ice…warm…ridiculous.remember when it was just cold and then a big dump of snow once a year? the good ol’ days.

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