last minute mommy

i’m horrible at reading the notes my kids bring home from school. usually i ask them or they tell me and i never really look at the note. with luke its even worse because he only goes on tuesdays and thursdays so i am never looking in his bag until i have to get it ready for the next time he goes to school.

this morning i open his bag and read the note.
“Green Day Thursday…….. Wear green and bring 8 green things to share”
first i am all like thinking “wow green day is playing at lukes mother’s day out?! thats some rather forward thinking baptist there!” then i realise this is their way of celebrating st patrick’s day since its on monday and the next tuesday would be past it.
might i mention its 15 minutes before we have to be there too.
so i quickly change lukes shirt to the solid green t shirt i had to dig out of somewhere because he would not be satisfied with the green and white striped polo that was neatly hanging in his closet.
“its green day mom. not green and white day!”
oh silly me.
then what 8 things could i gather together. my first thought was 8 green legos, but then i realized the “to share” part and thought hmmm better not.
no i am rather partial to my green buttons.
make something real quick?
are you kidding you have less that 15 min!
then inspiration hit……..
lots o’ little paper mache eggs left over……

so i mixed up some green paint, blew them dry with the hair dryer, and sharpied a “good luck” and a shamrock doodle on them and called them done.

i am marketing them as “good luck eggs”. kind of like that sneaky way of having green. you remember the old game. you’d have just a tiny bit of green somewhere on you so when you were pinched for not having any you’d whip it out and say…
“hahahahaha i have green!! now i get to pinch you 10 times!!”

so that was my green things on the fly. enjoy.
and for those of you who have the leisurely pleasure of not needing anything st patrick-y until the actually day, dont forget “good luck eggs”.

10 thoughts on “last minute mommy

  1. Great thinking on the fly! Tell Luke Happy late Birthday for me. There is a woman named Shara that comments on my blog, she is linked on my blog as The Queen. She is an art teacher from Tx. She has you linked on her page and I noticed it. I asked her if she new you and she said no, but that she loved your blog. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. Talk to you soon.

  2. Alright girl, give yourself a break. You have 3 kids. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my oldest one’s notes and she’s only in school 3 days a week. I can’t imagine when all three of them are in school at the same time- although I also won’t know what to do with no children either. 🙂 Love the ideas!

  3. Very impressive… love the eggs. I’m the same way with Tessa – she only goes two days a week. Had it been me, we probably would have been pulling eight green weeds out of the yard, or I might could have fished out eight green M&M’s, maybe…

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