if the old saying is true that “april showers bring may flowers” then we will be reenacting the story of the great flood with the kid’s swing set playing the part of the ark. good thing noah….. ahhhh, i mean ben made it look a boat because if we get anymore rain we may have to float away in it.

we had a very nice spring break. it was sunny the weather was perfect. we got to do some great little around here things and jobs around the house. then it turned cold on friday and it started raining… again.

but spring break was nice and relaxing. so nice that i didn’t even care to blog about it or even care to take pictures. so i got out today during a brief sunny spell and waded through the swamp to snap some shots of our veggie garden. i wish i had been as resourceful as eren from the vintage chica with her garden. next year definately using the bifold doors, but of course ben did all of this and i read her post after the fact but still next year, yes definitely next year.

and i finally hopefully am getting my dream flowers. i planted 2 hydrangea bushes. one blue and one white. and a rose bush and wisteria vine. i let luke pick out which rose bush we would get and he chose a peachy orange one. he was extremely tickled by the name…… disneyland rose. we’ll have to see if it can transform the backyard from seaworld to the magic kingdom. haha …. yeah i know, lame joke.

I’m going to be very lonely this weekend. jerusalem has left for alaska today and will be gone for a week. ben leaves on saturday for a nascar race in ft worth… which i am a little sore about the fact that i wasn’t invited to go… went round and round about that one… missy i know you can feel my pain on this one. and cyndi is going on a women’s retreat with church.

speaking of my fellow yarn-a-holic…. we dyed our hearts out today and you can see our efforts over at the twisted purl.

i am beginning to get my bloggy grove back. hopefully i will have more tidbits of useless antidotes for you. tata

4 thoughts on “waterworld

  1. I’m so excited about things growing in my yard! I bought two hydrangea bushes a while ago, I should probably get them in the ground pretty soon huh? 🙂

  2. I’m so excited about things growing in my yard! I bought two hydrangea bushes a while ago, I should probably get them in the ground pretty soon huh? 🙂

  3. Wow! Your yard is under water! Good thing Noah/Ben built a boat.You know Arkansas is the only state mentioned in the Bible?In Genesis it says “Noah removed the cover from the Ark-and-saw dry land.” OK…cheesy, I know. But I had to share. Thanks for all the help the other day…you are the best!

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