oh what a night!

the thunder was so loud that even this seasoned arkansas storm watcher was jumping out of her seat. the tornado sirens even went off but i don’t think that there were actually any here in conway but they have been reported in other areas. once again our water level has risen in the yard. good thing that the house not on a slab.

we were planning on head to the shoppe for first thursday shop-n-sip. ben has been working on a storage trunk for the shop. but he decided that it needed tweaking and since i didn’t relish the idea of taking 3 kids during a rain storm where they couldn’t run around outside we opted out.

but the trunk looks awesome don’t you think. i’ll take it on saturday. i painted it a very pale blue and the inside is lined with more of those pages from shakespeare.

yesterday i ordered myself a twin. did you know you can do that? yep and they are on sale too. so i bit the bullet and put in my order. this one is staying home with me. she wont be a shop girl. i was watching you’ve got mail last night and have aspirations of making myself dresses like the one that meg ryan wore at the end. and of course i have sketches and sketches of more fitted apron ideas i have been dying to try out as well.

i am really bad about this but i have had 2 people award me with awards. a loooooong time ago nikki awarded me with “you inspire me” award. and cecile handed me the “you make my day” award. and i am send the whole i’m rubber you glue response to both of them because these awards are mutual. 🙂

when i was trying to decide who i wanted to give these awards out to i found that alot of people were crossing over so i am combining the awards.

1. catherine at red shoes blog, i feel a kinship with her. i love her furniture and designs and she can always make me laugh and smile about the craziness if life.

2. laurie at charming designs, i am in love with her birds. every one she makes just evokes that squealing gush of excitement.

3. stephanie at chasing threads, she makes the most beautiful quilts and applique and embroidered items. and i an envious of her rainbow supply of thread.

4. eren at this vintage chica, we share an understanding and love of funky green coffee cups and how one can never have too many.

5. cyndi at the twisted purl, its all about the yarn!

ok so off the finish cleaning. there’s a piece of furniture in it for me waiting at the shoppe in hillcrest

6 thoughts on “oh what a night!

  1. OMG…I was watching ‘You’ve Got Mail’ too!!! I just love that movie, and I adore her clothes as well. Yes, that pale grey with the matching sweater…yummyness. She is just the cutest. Of course I would need to have that same body shape to have those things look good on me. If only I could grow about 5 or 6 inches.

  2. I thought about you and your family last night (as we were on our way to the storm cellar- I’m a huge weather chicken…). I’m glad to know you and yours are safe! Thank You for the blog award- It’s great, especially coming from someone as talented as you!Oh-I LOVE “You’ve got mail” too!

  3. Hey, any chance you’ll be at the shoppes on Tuesday? I’m heading down that way with my husband and planned on going and checking it out while he’s in his meeting on Tuesday morning.

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