boogity boogity boogity lets go thrifting

after getting up super early to drive ben to the airport yesterday, i hit all the garage sales i could to kill time while waiting for the shoppes to open. i zig zagged all over little rock following yard sale signs this way and that.

this was my first find at a church rummage sale. is aw the desk as i was driving by and literally raced to it after barely parking. i love the criss cross details of the legs. after i went in i found the little box. all quite a deal for $15. now just what color should i paint them? hmmmm….

i drove around to more but never found anything that peaked my interest for the right price. until i happened upon this.
clearly it needed work and the tag said “make me an offer”.
so i asked if she would take $5 and we agreed upon $7. can you believe it?!
yeah i know its broken but its a clean break and i figure i can just glue it back in. i’m beginning to feel quite attached to it so it may never see the shoppe.
then i ran by the good ole habitat for humanity re-store. when i walked in they all but shoved a printer on me. they needed the floor space so all of their computer items were free. so i snagged a scanner printer combo much like my hp one i have now. we’ll see how it works. if not i’ll pass it on . hey its free!
i did come across some small find i felt i just couldn’t leave there. i see a bookcase in the future for the bit of scalloped molding and how could i pass up that yellow cabinet door? and the small white one was just too this is what happens when everyone leaves me for the weekend. i did buy a new piece from lu at the shoppe and will be picking that up on monday when i go to get ben. see what happens when he leaves me out of the nascar races. boogity boogity boogity lets go thrifting!


11 thoughts on “boogity boogity boogity lets go thrifting

  1. What great finds! And I’m so sorry that your friend has taken off for Alaska, but we’re sure enjoying having them here! Hee hee! And the shower was lovely and your corsage for Tracy adorable. Thank you for being a part of our special day, Jeanetta. Nancy

  2. Jeanetta,Thanks so much for stopping by The Farrier’s Daughter and for your kind comments! I’m sure it will still be some time before the shop is up and running (my busy role as mommy comes first). I’ll just be happy to pull off a successful Barn Sale at this point 🙂 I really enjoyed reading through your blog. Your post about your son’s “green” note really cracked me up! I think it is mostly because I could totally see myself doing something similar. Thanks for the laughs, I’ll probably be chuckling about that for a while. ~Lindsey

  3. Hey Jeanetta,Thanks for thinking of me and the storm. We watched all night, cause we have all kinds of family in the path of any number of storms. Love the thrifting “a go go!” If I’m ever up here we can go together. Whoopie. My car stops at all signs that say “Sale.”Tanya

  4. The mirror is sweet! I like the yellow cabinet door too. Glad you guys are all ok too. I hear there is more rain in store for the end of the week. 😦

  5. OH NO YOU DIDN’T! LOL! DW is coming after you for that! LOL! I think nascar and thrifting mix nicely 🙂 We are in the middle of trying to figure out what crafty shirt we can make for the races… LOL! I dream of JUNIOR is on the top of my list. LOL!

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