for this

we pondered long and hard when we moved into our house last summer what the lone little tree was in the front yard. and to my surprise last week i realised. a pink dogwood!
i do not believe i have ever seen one with this deep pink of a hue.
this is what i am enjoying most about being back in arkansas. the nature…. the land. its been harder than i expected moving back here. for years i talked and dreamed of coming back to arkansas. so much so that those in texas asked “why?”
true there were friends and family here but i truly believe i had to come back for this. to actually see seasons change. for leaves to turn orange and red and the hills to be alive with colors. for the chance of snow…. well at least a better chance than south texas ( even though i barley survived the temps this winter).
so even though things aren’t what i had built up in those 10 years of being away. even though i have come to really really miss alot of things in san antonio. even through the troubles with jobs and family crises, i am becoming more at home at home.


10 thoughts on “for this

  1. Yes, we do have a very beautiful state. I just hope you guys are able to stay at home and not have to leave again. Thanks for you support about my sister. We will hopefully find more info out today.

  2. I love that dogwood! I’ve not seen one that hot-pink color, most on our street are baby pink. This is the best season for AR in my opinion. But of course, that’s what I say when fall rolls around too. šŸ™‚

  3. Fantastic color! I will have to come by and match it and then do some yarn called Jeanetta’s Dogwood. It is hard to move, I like you am in love with the colors this awesome state (& God)has to offer us.

  4. I look at spring pictures on all your blogs…. then look outside at the snow still on the ground…. then at your spring pictures….. then the snow…. will we EVER have spring?! Although it is sunny gorgeous yet another day so that will make this snow disappear. But still no signs of growth or spring. No color. That is a beautiful dogwood. Beautiful. I know what you mean about “coming back home.” I followed my boyfriend to Juneau and it was the first time I had been away from home. After a year here, we moved back to Oregon…. Back home…. Hated it. Juneau had got in my heart and soul in that little bit of time. Stayed in Oregon less than a year and moved back to Juneau where I’ve been since! I learned the grass isn’t always greener; it’s just what we make of the situation.

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