phoebe and jill

yes i know i am so behind on posting and loading up pics!

there is toad suck to still talk about. but if you want one take on it check out cyndi’s blog. and its has almost been a week since first thurs and i haven’t shown the you the cuteness that is… or was..maybe …hopefully….please sell it all!!!!!
but here is what i did on tuesday. i went on a field trip with phoebe to the heifer ranch just outside of conway in perryville. this is an incredible organization. they send farm animals to impoverished parts of the world to help better families lives. i’m giving an extremely poor explanation of what they do but check it out and read more.

but it was a great day, sort of cloudy and overcast but nice and cool.

a great day for a hayride and checking out the animals.

and the global village they have set up.

and here’s jill.

and here is phoebe milking jill. yes phoebe milked a goat while we were there.

if you get the chance to stop by here its a great place with the nicest volunteers. thanks joyce…our fearless leader.


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