I have wrestled all day long with msn messenger. it just would not sign in. i was trying everything…… all the little help topics.

see i feel rather lost with out messenger. it tells me when i have messages and lets me chat with my peeps throughout the day. and it was driving me crazy that i couldn’t get it to work. finally at about 15 till midnight here i fix it. would you believe it was the date set wrong on my computer. go figure. i have no idea how it got set a month ahead.

but either way messenger is back and all is right in the the world…. well a least in my little world.

on tuesday night cyndi and i went to a yarn night i guess you might say at a lovely little shop in russelville, ar. knit 2 together is a great little yarn shop and they were interested in looking at cyndi’s wonderful hand dyed and hand spun creations. i toted some of my crocheted concoctions to show as well.

we had a great time with one of the owners stephanie and a great group of ladies just sitting around taking and fashioning our yarns into all kinds of what-have-you’s. cyndi brought her wheel and mesmerised everyone as usual as she turned out a skein of handspun.

now you may notice a certain lack of actual pictures from the night. that’s because mine and cynci’s brains must be made of yarn because we both forgot to charge our cameras.
they don’t have a website yet. we need to get them blogging don’t we cyndi? lets just threaten to smack ’em. 🙂

4 thoughts on “victorious!!!!!!!!

  1. Ok, that whole ‘what would you charge’ thing sounded a little more brass tacks and rude than I intended. Let me rephrase… what can I pay you? 🙂

  2. Ok Jeanetta…NO smacking! LOLBut a tutorial about how to get started blogging would be helpful! LOL And about 14 more hours in the day too….Had a great time when you and Cindy came to the shop! Love all your talents too and we’re serious about you painting something at the shop! Come see us again!

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