How I love thee…..

Oh cabinet doors…… let me count the ways. Count two, because there are 2 sides to this screen.
This side displays a collection of vintage architectural items. I decoupaged pages from the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson onto the back of three cabinet doors. Then painted a blue border around each one. To give the items on the right and left side more emphasis I framed them out in rust red blocks. After that i used my favorite product of which I refer to as “liquid dirt”. Its a water based stain and makes things look so old and vintage-y.

The reverse side uses the front side of the cabinet doors as you can see the detailing. The leaves were cut from the same book of Emmerson. Some were tinted green and others left plain until wiped with “liquid dirt”.

I love how it turned out. Absolutely love it. It was commissioned for a client of Jerusalem‘s. And i actually get to keep it around my house for a while till the future owners return from Mexico.

I went by Habitat today and scored a huge amount of new cabinet doors. you can bet there will be some of these in the shops soon.

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