a good year for plums

Wasn’t that a book or a movie or something?

I have to brag on my mom today. While visiting her sister in Salado, AR (pronounced with 2 short a’s instead of the long second a like the TX town), a neighbor said they could help themselves to the abundance their plum trees had produced. They simply didn’t have the time to pick them.

Mom told me she wished she’d had a big ladder so that she cold reach those on the top but they gathered as many as they could from the lower branches and the ground.

She brought them home and did something she hadn’t done since the night before I was born. She made plum jelly.

Didn’t they turn out just beautiful. I had my first taste of it this morning on my toast. Plum jelly or jam happens to be my most favorite.

I am really inspired by this. With the rising cost of groceries, the thought of canning and freezing foods has become appealing. I know that it would be terribly time consuming but that’s probably why we are in some of the predicaments we are in these days. We don’t take the time with anything anymore.

Like many others out there in blogland this summer, I am finding it harder and harder to actually come to blogland. Even reading other’s ramblings and leaving comments. Somehow I feel like this is a good thing.


5 thoughts on “a good year for plums

  1. how lovely that you give your mom cred. wonderful. yes, jelly making is inspiring to me as well. i want to make a pantry full of goods from the garden to eat on all winter long.

  2. Oh, wow. I’m so envious. My neighbors have the best looking garden too… so makes me wish I had done things like this and spent less time at the grocery store!

  3. Summer is supposed to be less stressful, and sometimes staring at the computer IS just plain stressful! That so cool about the plum jelly – the canning thing skipped my mom’s generation in my family, so I never learned, either. I am freezing things from the farmer’s market like a madwoman, though…

  4. Wow! My mom made plum jelly when we lived at my grandfather’s farm in MS. That was the BEST stuff in the world. I attempted to can home-made apple sauce but it was the sealing of the jars that gave me fits!

  5. Love just love plum jelly! Sweet-Tart, so summery!Don’t you feel like Laura Ingels when you make jelly. Something about it that makes you feel connected to the land. Tanya

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