let the countdown commence

7 days

One week till I get my house back. School starts next Monday and I couldn’t be happier. Ben actually started back today which in a way is a bummer because now its just me and the kids for a week.
Our last month or so of vacation has been rather eventful. Heck the last week has been a whirlwind of bike wrecks, getting ready for First Thursday, and a triathlon.
So yes last week was First Thursday down in dear ole Hillcrest. So there was the normal hysteria that comes with that. The kitchen table was a mountain of glitter and fabric for weeks.

The Shoppes on Woodlawn where Jerusalem and I have our little space was celebrating their 5th anniversary. So we took off with a Happy Birthday theme to knock you socks off. Check out Jerusalem’s post for more on the event and pictures.

So yes I mentioned a bike wreck. Ben has always been into cycling. This summer he deiced he wanted to do a triathlon. So he has been training at the pool and running and even got a new mountain bike. He left out Tuesday morning for Mt. Nebo around Morrilton, AR. I get a call from him about 4 hours later saying he’s had a fall on the bike and needs me to see where the VA hospital is in Little Rock. He had flipped over the handle bars and banged up his right side shoulder, elbow and ribs and he was having trouble breathing.

Yeah not at all what you wanted to hear, right?

Luckily after spending the whole day at the ER they said nothing was broken and gave him some meds that helped relieve the pain and made breathing easier. It sure took care of that first triathlon he was supposed to do on Sunday though.
But we did have success in a triathlon this weekend.

NOOOO not me you silly people. πŸ™‚

David and Phoebe participated in the Conway Kids Triathlon.

I was so proud of them for doing this and it turned out to be awesome weather right after some scorching heat we’d been having.

So now we are getting ready for school mode. Got the supplies today. Wasn’t a pretty sight as I was having a huge allergy fit. Yeah I could tell my feeble attempts at covering the items from my spray wasn’t going over well with the other back to school shoppers.

Looks like summer vacation is nearing an end. Hopefully I will be around here more.


6 thoughts on “let the countdown commence

  1. how cool!i would like to think my kids would like this….but probably not.i love to see all those bikes.i have never even heard of a kids’ triathalon.oh that pyrex! it was so cool.they had it arranged by color and in rainbow order!my friend and i said “i never even knew there was this kind of stuff. i only knew about the set my mom had growing up and she only knew about the set her mom had. πŸ™‚and these ladies around us were serious collectors.it was such a pretty booth.my kids go back to school tomorrow!!!!!!oh it’s good.

  2. My husband is one of those crazy triathletes… Fortunately, he’s taken a little break — for the sake of my sanity. The training schedule can be brutal and time consuming — at least to the frazzled nerves of a stay at home mom! I’m so impressed your kids did one — yeah for them!I lurk around here and often put the music on in the background. My daughter loves the first song that comes on, Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot… She heard the music start today and ran to her room. Out she came in her tutu. “Don’t mess with my tutu, Mommy!” So completely proud of herself… πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Dawn.You dont have an email attached to your comments so I thougth I would just write you back here.Yes that song is a favorite of mine and my sisters from way back. It got popular on the radio when we were kids and I just had to put it on.

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