what’s a witch without her hat

I’ve been turning out the Halloween party hats the past couple of days. These will most likely be for my table at HarvestFest in a couple of weeks in Hillcrest. Do drop by if you are in the area.

I’ll have more Halloween aprons and such on display there too. I have about 6 of them all waiting patiently for waist bands. Guess I need to run by Hancock’s for more bias tape.

On another note…… wish me luck. I sent off a couple of submissions for Stampington’s Apron-olgy publication. It’s the first time I have done anything like that. The deadline is on the 15th so i got them out by priority yesterday. Yeah just call Mrs. Procrastination. It should probably be my first, middle, and last name.

Would you like to see my submissions?

Well ok since you asked so nicely.
The first one is called “Out With The Wash”. It used to be a pillowcase and I rescued it from Savers because I could tell it had very strong aspirations of being an apron.
The second apron is called “Soiree” and has a

print with little girls in frilly dresses and petticoats enjoying a party.
So fingers crossed.


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