a fair parade

Today was the Faulkner County Fair Parade. We live so close to downtown that we always walk. This is a picture of our walk home. The only pictured I managed to take. I took to sneezing my head off this afternoon and was in a benedryl daze during the whole affair.

I have decided that next year I want to have a float. And its going to be an Etsy float. Don’t you think that would just be an awesome way to advertise.

I could get Cyndi and Chris and Jerusalem and any other AREtsians in the area and we could have an awesome float getting the word out about handmade artisans.

I think it would totally rock! Or maybe it’s just the benedryl talkin’.


2 thoughts on “a fair parade

  1. I will totally come see any float you and Jerusalem put together!The shop looks great btw, and I’m coveting that screen over the fireplace. Amazingly enough, I blew all my spending money on vacation, but if it’s still there next month it’s all mine! 🙂

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