Luke’s class is having a little Halloween party tomorrow and I signed up for the treat bags. I’ve come to really like this as a party favor because of the fun things I brainstorm to make.

These are much like the treat bags I made for Phoebe’s class last year. Only with a different theme.

I sewed the bags up with some thrifted orange fabric. And broke out a toy I’ve been too scared to try using after I’ve had it for over a year. Its a stencil making kit basically and I can’t quit thinking of my options for Christmas now.
These little pins are a version of the tags i use for my aprons and cupcakes.

And the ghosty-pops are too cute. They are simple, simple, simple.
Take your everyday lollipop… i used chocolate centered Dum-Dums. Wrap the round part with a coffee filter. I used two mainly because i could see the wrapper threw it but then the double layer gave it such a flounciness. And you know that’s what 3 and 4 year olds look for in their ghosty-pops. Tie the next up with some ribbon or yarn. Then dot on some eyes and a mouth.
I’ve added in some fun little glow things from the dollar store too. But definitely be on the look out for the Christmas themed ones in the next few weeks.


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