It’s in the air!!

Yes Christmas is getting closer and closer! And have I done any shopping?
As usual I plan to make alot of the gifts I give. But as usual I am terribly behind.
You may have noticed I have my Christmas playlist up right now. Its been my “jolly inspiration” lately. I also crank it up really loud to roll the kids out of bed in the morning.
I had a craft fair here in Conway this past weekend and it went great. My first customers were some great ladies who knew me from The Shoppes. They were surprised to find out I lived in Conway and glad that they could get me here locally. Their enthusiasm really encouraged me because i had been feeling very very very overwhelmed lately. With working 30 hours at the library, it hasn’t left much time for sewing or crafting or cleaning.
Still available in the Etsy shop are the Gingerbread House versions of the “Little House on the Cupcake” series.
I am so tickled that these have been so popular. Because they just make me so giddy to finish them.

Ok well off o the library. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “It’s in the air!!

  1. Love your Christmas playlist 🙂 We’ve been making cookies while dancing around the kitchen with your blog up all day.Your cupcakes are gorgeous. Merry Christmas girlie! Hope we can get together and drink some egg nog…or something 😛

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